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Boston 10, U.s. 6, Thatcher 4, Us 4, Hanover 3, Munich 3, Germany 3, Ronnie 2, Britain 2, Barcelona 2, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev 2, Berlin 2, Islamabad 2, India 2, Pakistan 2, Kim Il-sung 1, Li Keqiang 1, Gomez 1, Willtermath 1, Sebastian 1,
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    April 21, 2013
    2:30 - 3:00pm PDT  

>> a warm welcome to the journal. this is what's making news at this hour. , willtermath in boston the surviving suspect ever be able to tell his story? a cloud over the champion league. a tax evasion probe. world champion once again distorted -- demonstrating superiority. the u.s..n
the mayor of boston says he's concerned that it might never be possible to properly question the surviving suspect in last monday's bomb attack on the city's marathon. this after it emerged that 19- year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev has a gunshot wound in the throat and remains unable to speak. the people of boston have been doing what they can to overcome .he trauma of the past week another show of solidarity after a distressing week. fans of the city's hockey team filled the stands and raise their voices together to sing the national anthem. nearly a week after the marathon bombing, investigators are working hard to establish a motive. a team of interrogators is waiting to question the surviving suspect, dzhokhar tsarnaev. he has not spoken to investigators so far. >> the older brother is dead.
we have a second one in very serious condition. we don't know if we'll be able to question the individual. >> speculation is that one of his wounds came from a suicide attempt. this was the climax of a manhunt. a thermal camera kept watch over the boat where the suspect was hiding. they say it's likely the two brothers acted alone. for many in boston, their thoughts remain with the victims. dozens of people wounded in the bombings were still being treated in hospital over the weekend. >> the hunger strike at the u.s. guantánamo bay continues to grow. of the detainees th are refusing food. , indefiniteinmates detention without charges or trial. after a clash with guards it
week ago, many prisoners have been moved to solitary confinement. prisoners on hunger strike are being force fed through feeding tubes. the u.s. military base in cuba has held terrorism suspects for 11 years now. activists in serious saying government troops have taken control after five days of heavy fighting. the rebels claimed the regime fighters massacred dozens of men, women, and children during their attack. they have been fierce battles elsewhere. this amateur video is sent to show clashes near aleppo in the north of the country. it's considered a strategic position that would allow the rebels to block supply routes to government forces in damascus. people of prague why have been going to the polls -- paraguay have been going to the polls.
their president was ousted from office last year. both of the leading candidates have accused each other of being mired in corruption and drug trafficking. >> polling stations opened at 7:00 in the morning. many here say they hope the election will restore, to politics after months of negative campaigning -- calm to politics after months of negative campaigning. >> i hope we don't fight each other. we have to vote in a democracy. the ex-kers impeached president 10 months ago. the parties that pushed him out of office are now the parties fielding the two leading candidates. of the conservative colorado party, he is one of the richest men in the country.
and then the challenger of the liberal party improved his chances in part due to an alliance with the nationalists. more than 300 international observers closely watching the vote, where electoral fraud has been a problem. >> four minutes after the fatal gang rape in india, a new case has triggered more protests. this time the victim is a five- year-old girl. officials say she was kidnapped, raped, tortured, and left for dead. the girl survived and is now being treated in a hospital. police have arrested a suspect but they are accused of trying to turn a blind eye. that has enraged protesters, who say violence against women is not taken seriously in india. a row,the second day in protesters clashed with police in delhi. the abduction and rape of a five-year-old girl sparked the demonstration.
reports that police attempted to bribe the family to keep them from filing charges is further fueling public anger. >> such people should be hanged. there's no other punishment for them. >> the opposition party has echoed calls for tougher punishment of rape crimes. >> if such people are not given capital punishment, society will not be rid of these problems. we have demanded that the law should be made stricter. and the people who rape children and also use brutality and barbarity in their acts should be hanged. >> protesters also held a vigil at the hospital where the five- year-old victim is being treated.
doctors say she is in stable condition and with her family. the death toll after this weekend's earthquake in china has risen to over 200. the quake struck on saturday morning in the southwest of the country, leaving more than 11,000 injured. rescuers in sichuan province are still searching for survivors after the 6.6 magnitude quake largely leveled entire villages. hundreds of aftershocks have been registered. some areas have been cut off from power and water services. flewse premier li keqiang to the disaster zone to oversee government response to the quake. figure in german soccer is being probed for alleged tax evasion.
media reports say that he paid 6 million euros in back taxes. germanhe most prominent figure in recent years to face tax investigation over tax avoidance. >> the investigation into his tax affairs is a hot topic among close supporters in munich. >> is the last person you would expect this from. it's not ok. he should be brought to justice. >> he apparently disclosed a swiss bank account in january. he was hoping to remain anonymous under a planned tax accord between germany and switzerland. that measure was voted down in germany's opera house of parliament -- upper house of parliament. >> publicly he stands for discipline, hard work, but when it comes to paying his taxes -- not commenting.
he seems to be avoiding the public eye. >> it goes without saying that that story is an unwelcome distraction for munich as they gear up for their champions league semifinal against barcelona on tuesday. they show no sign of being rattled him crashing their opponents, hanover. the game against hanover provided a chance to prove themselves ahead of the clash with barcelona. he added a second after sloppy play from hanover. .he french winger fired past were truly open when gomez made it 3-0 before halftime. another after the break was a tidy finish.
,e refused to be overshadowed got his first of the day from close range and then added goal number six after hanover had grabbed a consolation strike. and's solitary reply came with a little help. solitary reply came with a little help. >> let's take a look at the other results this weekend. two games on sunday. a bit of a surprise here. in the earlier sunday match, student art -- stuttgart beat freiburg.
>> berlin has made it back. a clinch promotion when they won 1-0 in front of an ecstatic home crowd. the real party is yet to come. >> fans have plenty to celebrate. .hey're back in this is the player who led the way. the brazilian always delivered when it mattered most. .ow he wants to test his mettle >> i've got a lot of goals to achieve. one is to help the club firmly establish itself again. i'd like it to be among the top
teams. maybe we will manage to play in the europa league or even the champions league in the next few years. >> despite being on the wish list of several top teams, ronnie has opted to stay put. the general manager could not be happier. >> he is the lead outstanding player. romney is also a fan favorite -- ronnie is also a fan favorite. >> i try to help and support ronnie, as a coach. the new season kicks off in august. for roninie, it means picking up right where he left off, in the second division. >> i am delighted that berlin side.gain has a
he was looking for a ninth successive tournament win him a not go. -- monaco. it was the serbian number one who came out on top. he fought back and took the second two a tiebreak. 6-2, 7-6. >> the powertrain grand prix -- bahrain grand prix. raceition groups see the as a publicity stunt on behalf of the government. germany's sebastian claimed his second win of the season. he did it in style. reason to bed
happy at the end of the race, after leaving the rest of the pack in the dust. >> seamless. right it was crucial after the start to get in the lead if i can and go from there. the pace was phenomenal. even though he was passed at the beginning, it did not last for long. the red bull pilot caught up after just a few rounds. he got past the mercedes. by 17, he was in the lead. had technical problems that forced him to make pit stops grea. more sports, more news at the top of the hour.
>> this week's news was dominated by the boston .arathon a bomb went off by the finishing line as some of the amateur runners were coming in. it was followed quickly by a .econd three people were killed and dozens injured. people were warned to stay indoors for a short time. mobile phone networks were shut down. it was not immediately known who
was behind the attack. u.s. president barack obama addressed the nation and promised to track down those responsible. >> we still do not know who did this or why. people should not jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this. we will find out who did this, and we will find out why they did this. , anyesponsible individuals responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> investigators sifted through the evidence for the next few days, looking for clues. later in the week, there were to be dramatic developments. >> in germany, a court in munich decided to delay the trial of a woman suspected in being involved in a neo-nazi murder spree. there has been controversy over
the trial because despite huge media interest, the court had initially not allocated any seats to foreign reporters. eight of the 10 murder victims had turkish roots. the constitutional court objected. the trial will now start on may 6, with several seats results for turkish media. >> also on monday, north korea celebrated the 101st anniversary of the birth of its founder, kim il-sung. despite recent talk of war, they stayed,. - - calm. celebrations were more muted than in recent years. tuesday saw a major earthquake that affected both iran and pakistan. almost all the victims were on the pakistani side of the border. >> we were in the bazaar at 3:30
p.m. when we felt the earthquake. our houses were destroyed. our children were scared. some of them got injured. our appeal to the government is that they should help us. >> many thousands of people were left homeless. in islamabad, buildings shook. on wednesday, there was a huge explosion in texas at a fertilizer factory in west. witnesses recorded the disaster on mobile phones. >> there is shrapnel flying everywhere. >> at least 14 people died. another 60 people were still missing by the end of the week. >> i can tell you i was there.
i walked through the blast area. i searched houses earlier tonight. massive. just like iraq, just like the murray building in oklahoma city. thehe authority said that blast was likely called by -- caused by fire at the factory. dozens of homes around the factory area were destroyed. wednesday also saw the funeral of margaret thatcher. her 11 years in power defined britain in the 1980's. thousands turned out to watch as her coffin passed through the streets of london. for some, she was the woman who brought britain back to economic greatness by privatizing state companies and breaking the power of the trade unions. but others accused her of destroying traditional industries and increasing the gap between rich and poor.
politicians from around the world were there for the service in st. paul's cathedral. current leaders as well as from thatcher's heyday. one person who didn't come was the ambassador of argentina, the country that thatcher went to war with. it's not just argentina were thatcher remains a hated figure. in the north of england, are veryof the 1980's much alive, especially among coal miners. >> she killed everything. but thatcher's place in british history can't be denied. in france, five businessmen went on trial, accused of
supplying faulty rest implants to tens -- breast implants to tens of thousands of women. in aal is being held conference center because so many people wanted to attend. >> we expect doctors to take care of us. we are putting our lives in .heir hands in some ways rat and then we end up being tricked. it's frightening. >he founded the company which sold thousands of implants around the world until sales were stuck in 2010. he is accused of using industrial silicon to cut costs. many of the implants ruptured after being fitted. thousands of women have since had them removed. >> pakistan's former military dictator musharraf was refused bail when he appeared in court
in islamabad on thursday. he then made a dramatic escape from the court together with his bodyguard. .e was later arrested his case concerns the firing of five judges in 2007 when he was still in power. in bostonnt obama was for a memorial service on thursday for the victims of the boston marathon bombings. he said the people of boston and the u.s. would not allow the text to change their way of life. >> they sought to intimidate us, terrorize us, shake us from those values that make us who we are as americans, it should be pretty clear by now that they picked the wrong city to do it. shortly after the service,
the fbi released pictures of two brothers they said could be linked to the bombing. , 26-year-old and a 19-year-old ethnic chechens who had been living in the u.s. for a number of years. hours later the older brother was dead, together with a police officer. officials said there had been a firefight and the brothers had thrown explosives at the police. the young brother had managed to escape. . massive manhunt began for the suspect continued, the boston area was paralyzed. public transport was shut down. city residents were told to stay indoors. the uncle of the suspects made an appeal. >> i say, if you are live, turn yourself in -- alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness. on the tsarnaev
family, on the entire chechen ethnicity. >> on friday evening the authorities announced they found him hiding in a boat in someone's backyard. police said he was found covered in blood and was taken to the .ospital there was relief and celebration on the streets in boston. officials stressed the investigation is still ongoing, but people in boston are just happy the manhunt is over. >> also on friday, nicolas maduro was sworn in as the new president of venezuela, but there were protests at the sir money. opposition politicians boycotted the event. just hours before the electoral authority announced a review of the results of last sunday's election, which maduro won by a whisker.
supporters of the opposition candidate henrique capriles is are not satisfied. there are protests by the opposition, sometimes violent. the government says a total of eight people have died. >> there were protests on friday in by rain. -- bahrain. hundreds of people took to the streets to demand democratic reform. there were clashes in the capital between demonstrators .nd the police the protests came shortly before the weekend's formula one grand prix the put the company in the global -- country in the global spotlight. >> friday marked the 70th anniversary of the uprising in the warsaw ghetto.
hundreds of jews fought back against the nazis. a ceremony was held in the polish capital. attending was one of those who fought in the rebellion. >> we wanted to determine the way we would die. am tormented by the way we timed the uprising. in choosing to start it, we shorten people's lives by days and weeks. >> early in the morning, german troops and police wanted to deport the juice still in the ghetto -- jews still in the ghetto to death caps. it was -- camps. it was clear the germans were planning to send the rest to die. so the jews fought back. there are just three survivors of the warsaw ghetto that are still alive during